Winter Advice From Bucks Fire & Rescue service

by | Nov 10, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

Did you know?
• 100 fires a year are caused by faulty electric blankets
• In England, c. 7600 chimney fires occur every year

  1. So keep safe by using fire guards with open fires and make sure that chimneys and flues are clean and well maintained.
  2. Do not leave portable heaters on when you go out or go to bed.
  3. Never use a hot water bottle with an electric blanket, even if it is switched off.
  4. Store electric blankets flat or rolled up (never folded).
  5. Test electric blankets every 3 years. (Age UK or your local Fire Service may be able to do this for you) and replace blankets that are over 10 years old

If you live in Bucks you can book a free Home Fire Risk Check by contacting Bucks Fire & Rescue on 01296 744477