Voices and Choices, Chesham Bucks.

What we do

Voices and Choices is a voluntary organisation working in Buckinghamshire. Our aim is to develop the capacity and skills of adults who, irrespective of their circumstances, require assistance to improve their quality of life and their choices over where they live and the services they receive.

The key focus of our work is to support people to remain in their own homes while receiving the help and services they require to do so.

The service is delivered by managing a group of volunteers who provide a service directly to people in their own homes.

How we do it


Voices and Choices empowers people to make conscious and informed decisions about their future. We make information available about services which help people stay safe and sound at home; and provide this information over the telephone and by visiting clients in their own homes.



Voices and Choices supports access to practical help to enable people to live as independently as they can. Where our clients require additional support to find services they require, our volunteers visit people in their own homes to help them make informed choices and decisions. This support helps clients problem solve and signposts them onto other services where appropriate. The range of help needed is very wide. Clients may wish to be contacted on a regular basis or need help with a one-off issue. For example, we provide assistance if someone is considering the need for home improvements or domestic or gardening help, providing friendly, back-up support in making decisions. A client may need help to walk the dog, someone to feed the cat while they’re away or in hospital or a hairdresser who can visit them at home. We won’t walk the dog, but we’ll find someone who will. The list is endless, and our volunteers are available to provide as much practical assistance as the client requires.


Voices and Choices provides community advocacy services to assist individuals consulting with professionals. Where our clients need non-statutory advocacy we provide it. A visit to a doctor, optician or council office can be very stressful and an advocate may make these experiences easier to deal with. Our clients may require advocacy support to talk to other professional services, such as solicitors, insurers or accountants. Advocacy support could also help someone to prepare for a visit to the CAB or DWP to ensure their situation is presented accurately.

Offer a Peace of Mind Service

Voices and Choices maintains regular contact with family carers of local people living alone. Many people living alone have family carers and relatives who are concerned about them. We offer those carers a service which will ensure that they know there is someone in regular touch with their family member. This may involve a weekly or monthly visit or telephone call, a response to a one-off situation or access to information about local services. A subscription service for this will be developed over time.

How we deliver it

These services are delivered by Voices and Choices, through its own volunteers, and through developing partnerships with local provider organisations. Partners are other voluntary groups and charities, public sector organisations or private sector commercial providers.


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