VAT and disability

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Finance, News

Recently, a member of the Independent Living Facebook group recounted that her local pharmacy had “never heard of” VAT exemption on disability products. She started wondering whether she was in fact mistaken in asking them to provide incontinence protection for her disabled son without VAT. Of course, she wasn’t, but it does make you realise how often people are failing to obtain this useful discount on the cost of essential products.

So no apologies for revisiting the subject here!

You can read all the details about who can claim exemption and on what products, here. For people over 60 who aren’t actually disabled, there is a reduced rate (5%) VAT scheme for the installation of certain mobility aids – details here. And we also have expert commentary here on the continuing saga of how VAT should be treated on disability services, such as payroll management for people employing PAs.