Thinking of retirement: are you financially prepared?

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Finance, News

The dream retirement of living comfortably at home, indulging in a cruise or two a year, and generally spending time with children and grandchildren, is one to which many people aspire. The age at which we start looking towards the future differs of course, and some of will want to retire at 50 while others, work into their 80s to be financially prepared.

Unless we’re in our early 60s now we probably don’t know what age we’ll precisely retire, and certainly have no idea of the financial climate that will accompany it. The Daily Mail reported on the idea that workers could be allowed to retire at 60 if they take a lower pension, following a review by former CBI boss John Cridland. Even if the idea is approved, who is to say that another government won’t come to power and scrap it in 10-15 years’ time? For the full article Mature Times