Thinking of moving abroad or moving back?

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Finance, Legal matters, News

Are you retired and planning to move abroad? Before you go it’s important to know how moving abroad could affect your pension and entitlement to benefits and health care, and what action you can take before you book those flights!

Independent Age has created a factsheet to help you know what to expect and questions to ask before you move.
For the factsheet on moving abroad, click here.

You may be in the other position: after living aboard, you would now like to return home. There are a number of steps to take when you return so that you can claim the money you are entitled to, access NHS services, get help from social services, and apply for social housing.

For instance, before claiming benefits and accessing council services, you might need to prove you intend to stay in the country. The Independent Age factsheet can help you understand your rights, and what you need to do before you return and when you’re back in the country.
For the factsheet on returning from abroad, click here.

Please note, these factsheets are aimed at British nationals residing in England and intending to move abroad, and British nationals living abroad intending to move to England who have reached or are nearing retirement age.