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Self-neglect is not a ‘lifestyle’ choice

A joint approach is needed to ensure this forgotten group gets all the help it needs. Thanks to recent television documentaries on hoarding, the issue of self-neglect is hopefully on its way to getting the recognition and response it deserves. Those who self-neglect...

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Home Library Service

This service is for Buckinghamshire residents, who are housebound and unable to visit a library due to age, illness or disability. Carers who are unpaid are also eligible. The Home Library Service is a free monthly service delivered to your home at a suitable time for...

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A friendly voice to talk to

Friendship services to support you or a loved one. Imagine your only form of contact is doing the shopping once a week, maybe you speak to your neighbours now and then, but you rarely see anyone else.  Sadly, there are many older people living their lives this way and...

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Helping Hand accessibility card

Accessibility card removes the need for explanations The Helping Hand accessibility card has been developed by one of the UK’s bus companies, to allow passengers who need some assistance to communicate with the driver, without having to verbally explain their...

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What Really Disables People?

Today’s Thinking – The Social Model For the last 20 years or so, Britain and most European countries have been following the social model of disability. The social model points out that our whole society is constructed for people without physical, sensory, cognitive...

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Staying connected

Staying connected to other people is good for your health and wellbeing. As you get older, you might find yourself with fewer day-to-day opportunities to meet others. However, there are practical things you can do to stay connected and lots of organisations to help...

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Coping with a changing relationship

All relationships change over time but significant life transitions such as retirement or ill health can place an additional strain on them. You may be able to prepare for change or it may be unexpected, but you can get help to cope. Many couples just deal with...

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Funding boost for home adaptations

Housing and homelessness minister, Heather Wheeler, announced yesterday that there would be an extra £42 million provided to local housing authorities to pay for home adaptations that will enable an elderly or disabled person to continue living independently. The...

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Pre Paid Funeral Plans

It’s never pleasant to consider death – but as a nation it’s a subject we’ve avoided discussing for many years. Increasingly however families are finding themselves in financial trouble and emotional turmoil as a result of this lack of discussion. In this article we...

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