Summer Wise factsheet

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Housing, News, Safety at Home

While the summer may lift our spirits, older people can suffer adverse effects on their health during the hot weather and can be more vulnerable to illnesses such as heatstroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration. Changes in our bodies as we age mean we’re less likely to notice when we feel hot, take longer to cool down and are less likely to feel thirsty.

Temperatures can sometimes get too high and it can become dangerously hot. You may be particularly at risk if you’re living with a chronic health condition, especially dementia; heart, breathing or mobility problems; or if you’re on certain medications. The Meteorological Office has a warning system if a heat wave is likely and it’s important to be prepared.

Read our Summer Wise factsheet for top tips for keeping cool in the sun. Some of them may just seem like common sense, but they can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

There are tips on staying hydrated, keeping cool and knowing your medication and generally being prepared.

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