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Are care homes in your area good enough?

You may have seen in your local media that we've just released our 2018 care home analysis on each region in England. It shows that the number of care homes rated 'Good' or 'Outstanding' has increased this year. This is great news! However, there's still a long way to...

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Joining Up Health and Social Care

Across the country, health and social care want to work more closely together to provider better, more joined up services. Bringing these services closer together offers an opportunity to redesign them to meet the needs of all of us who use them and to make best use...

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Paying for Care

A number of financial resources may be available to help cover the costs of care for the person Alzheimer's or other dementia. Some may apply now and others in the future. Alzheimer's Association Insurance Employee benefits Retirement benefits Personal assets...

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Is Your Home Suitable for Live-in Care?

People who consider full-time care for themselves or their family members often wonder if their house is suitable for live-in care. The article helps answer this key question and discusses a range of important topics to factor in when considering home care. For...

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Big Social Care Survey

Silver Voices has joined the Care and Support Alliance (CSA) of over 80 leading charities to campaign on the future funding and organisation of social care in the run-up to the promised Green Paper in the summer Care and Support Alliance. As part of the campaign, the...

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Live in care in 2018 – Your ultimate guide

Live in Care is increasingly becoming a viable alternative to going in to a care home.  In this article we will help you: see if live in home care is the right option for you what options you have to choose a 24 hour live in carer how to pay for your live in care...

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Combating loneliness

When I first wrote about my feelings of loneliness six years ago, living alone for the first time at age 71 and hating it, one of my closest friends said to me: 'How can you write like that, Esther, haven’t you got too much pride?'. He too lives alone, but tells me...

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What do you think is the UK’s biggest single cause of disability? Believe it or not, it is arthritis. It affects at least nine million people, and reinforces the point that most people become limited, rather than being born with a disability. It also proves it could...

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Person centred care

Person-centred care is becoming an increasing driver in health & social care provision. Authorities adopt it because in theory it can “improve outcomes”, to use their terminology. To you or I (the client/patient), it means we are more in control of how our care is...

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New approach to ageing

 - older people lead project to improve later years Community research has identified challenges of ageing. Now social entrepreneurs are being invited to develop solutions. By the time the NHS celebrates its 100th birthday in 2048, there will be more than 100,000...

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Our 8 care home quality indicators

Deciding to make the move into a care home is a big decision. There are a lot of things to think about all at once, and it can be difficult to know what questions to ask or how to quickly judge a really good care home. That’s why, at Independent Age, we’ve been...

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7 Benefits Unique To Live In Care

The Good Care Group has created a 7-point infographic which summarises the core benefits of Live-in Care. The lives of people who require care can be enriched by choosing a Live-in Care service. With multiple health and wellbeing benefits, the info-graphic breaks down...

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Care homes

It can be difficult to know where to turn when you are considering moving into a care home and the number of decisions you need to think through can seem overwhelming. As an older people’s charity, we have created a number of advice guides along with a handy checklist...

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Assisted living in the UK

There once were only a small number of limited options available to anybody needing or considering care in later life. Yet recently a rapidly ageing population here in the UK has led to a number of innovative new solutions which have been developed to suit different...

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