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Psychiatric medication

How do I know if a drug is right for me? Drugs don't work the same way for everyone, so when your doctor is deciding which medication to offer you, it's not always possible for them to predict exactly which one will suit you best.   It's important to make sure you...

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Winter News from Lindengate

As ever, it has been a busy and productive year here.  We have designed & developed new areas, acquired new buildings and expanded the service we provide.  The numbers of Service Users (Gardeners) continues to increase, as do the variety of activities available to get...

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Borderline personality disorder

'One GP told me I wasn't ill, just a bad person'. This highly stigmatised condition is misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed. “I’ve been suicidal every day for two months,” says Ali Strick. “It affects my whole life, every moment of every day, the way I interact...

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Don’t call me a ‘service user’

Please don’t call me a ‘service user’ – I’m a mental health patient. I’m not, on the whole, the type of person who grumbles about ‘political correctness gone mad’. In my opinion, it’s an expression that is often used to justify casual racism, sexism or homophobia –...

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Lack of progress in community mental health

An annual survey of people’s experiences of using community mental healthcare shows “limited progress” overall, with a decline in performance in some service areas, according to regulators. Although 64% of respondents rated their experiences of community mental...

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Older adults and mental health

Mental health problems are extremely common, affecting around one in four people. As you get older, changes in your life, such as bereavement, illness or retirement, can make you more vulnerable to them, but mental health problems are not a normal part of ageing. Your...

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder which you may develop after being involved in, or witnessing, traumatic events. The condition was first recognised in war veterans and has been known by a variety of names, such as 'shell shock'. But...

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Side effects of psychiatric medication

As well as potential benefits, every psychiatric drug has the potential to cause unwanted side effects. These can occur after both short-term and long-term use. Mild side effects might: stop once your body has got used to the drug be manageable by adjusting how you...

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How to cope with sleep problems

There's a close relationship between sleep and mental health. Living with a mental health problem can affect how well you sleep, and poor sleep can have a negative impact on your mental health.    Poor sleep leads to worrying. Worrying leads to poor sleep. Worrying...

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