Seamless Relocation

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Housing, News

Seamless Relocation offers a comprehensive service to support someone moving house. They are an independent downsizing service to enable older people and others requiring support to move home. They take care of all aspects of moving home. From finding a new property, selling the old, de-cluttering, organising utilities and services through to settling you in on moving day, they can help with all or just part of the move. There are an increasing number of housing choices for older people in the UK. They can advise on the range of options available along with the pros and cons of the various alternatives. As the options increase, so does the confusions as to what is best for individual circumstances. Seamless Relocation have a useful list of the types of property and accommodation available along with a short explanation of each one showing who they are designed for, the key features and the type of tenure available. They work with Age UK and First Stop and the Stroke Association They do charge for their services but offer a free initial consultation after which you receive a quotation based upon their .understanding of your needs. This quotation is also sent to family or a nominated friend should you ask them to. To find out more you can contact them on 0208 621 3553 or email them via the website Seamless Relocation or write to them at Seamless Relocation Ltd, 14 Broughton Road, London, W13 8QW