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Riser recliner chairs for the elderly

Riser recliners are essentially very comfy, large-frame armchairs that feature mechanical or electrical equipment that can change their shape and adjust their composition to suit you. All vary in style and capability. For instance, riser chairs aid sitting down and...

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Fake Argos texts offering refunds

Watch out for these fake Argos texts offering refunds  These fake text messages purport to be from Argos and claim that you’re owed a refund. The link in the messages lead to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information, as well as payment details....

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Scam Alert

Please be aware of a telephone scam that has started up once more. A Male with an accent calls to tell you he is from Scotland Police and they are working with the HMRC. They have a warrant for your arrest if you do not pay the back dated taxes you owe the Inland...

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70+ Scams and How to Avoid Them

(online and offline)   The internet is the most widely used communication network ever constructed. It’s used by millions of humans and machines every second of every day. There are good and bad things happening on the internet, and among the bad things are ongoing...

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The ‘Wangiri’ phone scam?

Are you one of thousands of people to have received a call from a random, international number in recent months? You may have been the target of an international scam. Wangiri (which means ‘one ring and cut’ in Japan, from where the scam first originated) involves...

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“Friends Against Scams” event

NatWest in Amersham is hosting a "Friends Against Scams" event on Wednesday 30th May from 11am to 2pm. For more information contact Sarah Thompson, the Community Banker on 07711 762 505 or by email at sarah.thompson@natwest.com. Scams affect the lives of millions of...

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TV Providers Discount Fraud Alert

Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, purporting to be from a Television (TV) provider offering a discount on their monthly subscription.  Victims have been told the following: their subscription needs to be renewed; that part or all, of the TV equipment has expired...

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Avoid Online Investment Scams

Investing can be a minefield for beginners and experienced traders alike. Not only do beginners have to learn new financial instruments and trading lingo, but they also have to be on guard against the slew of scammers and fraudsters seeking to prey on novice traders....

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Staying safe online

The internet is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends and it can make your life easier. You can do your shopping online, get better access to health and information services or use it for entertainment.  But there are dangers and you need to protect...

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