Reports of suspicious telephone calls

by | Dec 18, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

Thames Valley Police have had a number of reports from residents receiving telephone calls which we believe are part of a scam.

The caller has introduced themselves as The Police and they are investigating reports of a scam.  On one occasion the caller asked the resident to write a cheque out to themselves for a large amount of money and take it to the bank to be cashed.  Another report was received where the caller again has said they were from the Police and had arrested two people who had identified the resident as being related.

On both occasions the residents have questioned what they were being told and terminated the calls.

Please be vigilant, we have had this problem before in the area and vulnerable residents have fallen for these scams, losing thousands of pounds in the meantime.

Please remember Police will NEVER ask you to withdraw money from your bank account.  If you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the call please disconnect your telephone at the wall, plug the phone back in and call 101.