Protection against shingles with a free vaccine

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Health, News

People in their 70s in Thames Valley are being urged to protect themselves against shingles with a free vaccine.

Local GP practices are offering patients the free vaccination as part of the NHS shingles immunisation campaign for 2017/18. By the end of June 2017, only half of all eligible patients in Thames Valley had been vaccinated against shingles and the NHS is encouraging everyone who is offered the vaccine to take it up.

“As people get older their immune system naturally weakens which is why those people aged 70 and over are more likely to get shingles. Shingles can be very painful and lead to health problems long after the initial rash has disappeared.
I would encourage all patients who are eligible to take up the free offer from their GP surgery and get vaccinated against the virus.” Paula Jackson, Public Health Screening and Immunisation lead for NHS England South Central.

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