Nurse hired to combat cancer myths online

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Health, News

A cancer charity has appointed a digital nurse to combat “fake news” online, which they say leaves patients “scared and at risk of bogus cures”.

Macmillan Cancer Support found two-fifths of people with cancer looked up information about their diagnosis on the internet. One in eight of those went online because they didn’t fully understand what their doctor had told them.

Glaswegian nurse Ellen McPake, who landed the job, says she wants to correct the misinformation that exists.

She said: “Once the doctor says ‘cancer’, people automatically then shut down and they don’t take in the information that they’re given. So they go home, speak to the family. And then they’ll sit online that night and get themselves in a frenzy with what they’re reading.” She says people focus on the worst-case scenario: “There’s quite a lot of myths out there,” she said.

Here are some of them: BBC News