NHS prepares for winter across Bucks

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Health, News

– and how you can help.

This winter your health and care services in Bucks are working hard to ensure you get the care you need at the right time – and you can support us to help those in greatest need sooner by using our services well.

Hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies, community health services, social care services and charities have been planning for winter for months, to keep people healthy at home and to treat anyone in need of emergency care quickly and effectively. By caring for yourself at appropriate times and by using services responsibly, you can help ensure we treat people in greatest need as a priority.

Self-Care Week ran from 13 – 19 November to raise awareness of how you can manage your own health – here are some steps you can take to do this:

  • Get a flu vaccination, particularly if you are for a free one at your GP surgery or pharmacy.
  • Pharmacies are great resources, staffed by healthcare professionals. At the first sign of illness, check to see if an over-the-counter treatment or medicine is suitable.
  • Fill your prescriptions and make sure you have essential medicines ahead of bad weather spells and before the Christmas holiday period.
  • If you have elderly or infirm neighbours, keep an eye out for them – a little help could save them serious health problems.
  • Stay warm and well-fed during cold weather and avoid needless journeys during bad weather.
  • Remember – save A&E for serious and life-threatening conditions. If you are unsure which service to use, call NHS 111 or go to www.healthhelpnow.nhs.uk for health information and advice. But if it is a genuine emergency, don’t delay – dial 999

Click here for more details on treating mild symptoms yourself this winter. My Bucks