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Talking therapy and counselling

Talking therapies are treatments which involve talking to a trained professional about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. There are many different types of talking therapy, but they all aim to: give you a safe time and place to talk to someone who won't judge you...

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Fake Argos texts offering refunds

Watch out for these fake Argos texts offering refunds  These fake text messages purport to be from Argos and claim that you’re owed a refund. The link in the messages lead to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information, as well as payment details....

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Scam Alert

Please be aware of a telephone scam that has started up once more. A Male with an accent calls to tell you he is from Scotland Police and they are working with the HMRC. They have a warrant for your arrest if you do not pay the back dated taxes you owe the Inland...

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Dementia and difficulty with sounds

People with dementia can experience additional difficulties with their hearing, aside from those traditionally related to ageing. They may experience problems identifying what a sound is, or picking out one sound from another. As a result, it can be difficult for them...

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Tips for better communication

Understanding the challenges a person living with dementia may face with communication: Dementia is a complex condition and every person’s experience is different. However, many people living with dementia can face similar challenges with communication. Often the...

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National Dementia Helpline

Looking for information, support or advice about dementia? Our helpline is here for you on 0300 222 11 22. National Dementia Helpline 0300 222 11 22 Our helpline advisers are here for you. Helpline opening hours: Monday to Wednesday 9am – 8pm Thursday and Friday...

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Seeing the same doctor ‘lowers death rates’

Patients who see the same doctor again and again have lower death rates, a study suggests. The benefits applied to visits to GPs and specialists and were seen across different cultures and health systems. University of Exeter researchers said the human aspect of...

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How sport helps fight illness

A £1.3MILLION National Lottery grant will be used to fund sporting projects to help prevent and manage long-term health problems such as diabetes, lung disease and mental illness, it was announced yesterday. More than 15 million people in England (a third of the...

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Estate planning

For many approaching later life, concern over the impact inheritance tax may have on their relatives is a very real and important issue.  Estate planning provides a viable and sound way to prepare your finances to ensure that your assets are protected for your loved...

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Self-neglect is not a ‘lifestyle’ choice

A joint approach is needed to ensure this forgotten group gets all the help it needs. Thanks to recent television documentaries on hoarding, the issue of self-neglect is hopefully on its way to getting the recognition and response it deserves. Those who self-neglect...

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Side effects of mental health meds

 I have a love/hate relationship with my mental health medication. I take both an antidepressant and an antipsychotic, and I credit them with keeping me alive. But while they’re good for my brain, I struggle with the effect they’re having on my body. I’ve gone from a...

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