Managing your affairs if you become ill

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Finance, Legal matters, News

There may be a time when you need someone to make decisions for you because of ill health. If you lose mental capacity – the ability to understand, retain and use information to make decisions – you may need someone you trust to help you.

Our factsheet explains how you can prepare for someone you trust to manage your money or make decisions about your own care and welfare in the way you would wish. The factsheet looks at how mental capacity is assessed, how to make someone your power of attorney and how to arrange for someone to manage your financial affairs. It also discusses making advance decisions about medical treatments or care, often referred to as a ‘living will’.

Additionally, if you know someone who has already lost capacity but has not set up a power of attorney there are details on how to deal with that situation. Read our factsheet to learn more: Independent Age