Managing household duties as a couple

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Carers, Health, News

Couples living with dementia can work together to manage their household, to ensure the person with dementia maintains their sense of identity.

Dementia impacts the balance in a couple’s relationship especially when managing household duties, like food shopping, cooking, cleaning and finances. In a couple, each person takes on different responsibilities, and although these may evolve or change over time, each person has a set of responsibilities that gives them a sense of purpose and value.

When someone has dementia and needs to be cared for it is critical that they retain their sense of purpose and value in the home – for the good of the partnership and the couple’s quality of life. Research has shown that frustration, anger or aggression can be mistaken as a symptom of a person’s dementia, when they are actually expressing their upset with the changes that are occurring within their home life. This can especially happen to women with dementia who tend to have an emotional attachment to caring and managing the household.

For some tips for professional and family carers to help the person with dementia feel involved in the running of the household, with their other half, so they maintain a sense of purpose and value: Dementia UK