Make your property less appealing to criminals

by | Sep 25, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

With the autumn approaching and clocks changing it would be a timely reminder on how to make your property less appealing to criminals:
– Please ensure all doors and windows are locked when leaving your property, windows left slightly open are an attraction to burglars. The same advice applies if you are in your garden.
– Lock away ladders, garden tools and other items that burglars could use to gain access to your home.
– Keep house and car keys out of reach and sight of doors and windows. Do not leave valuables on display.
– If you are going away ask someone you trust to keep an eye on your house.
– Do not advertise on social media sites that you are away.
– Are you a member of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, if not please let us know and we can inform Chiltern District Council. These Schemes are very productive in reducing crime and we are keen to promote the use of them.

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