Lung experts ‘deeply concerned’ by low flu jab uptake

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Health, News

Fewer than half those eligible for a free winter flu jab have had one, despite high-profile warnings that this winter could bring the biggest flu outbreak in years, NHS figures reveal.

The low uptake, which will alarm NHS bosses, come as many hospitals showed clear signs of starting to buckle under the extra demand for care caused by the cold snap that began last week. Barely two in five people in several of the groups judged to be most at risk of getting flu because of their health status have been vaccinated so far, data published on Thursday by NHS England shows. Just 44% of people aged under 65 with an underlying medical condition, and only 43% of pregnant women, have had the jab.

The NHS is offering it free to 21 million people in England this winter – the highest number ever – in a £237m campaign which it hopes will help avoid a flu epidemic. The Guardian