Living with health difficulties

by | May 15, 2017 | Health, News

As we age, we’re more likely to experience ill-health or disability. So we have created a factsheet which explains what help and support might be available to you and gives practical tips for managing health conditions commonly experienced by older people.

Information covered in the factsheet includes making the most of your health services. This may seem obvious, but if you are living with health problems it’s good to know exactly how to get the most from NHS services to stop your health from getting worse. We have tips on preparing for a GP appointment, the vaccines and screenings you’re entitled to, and how your local pharmacy can help.

Also included is a section on managing at home, including how to apply for a care needs assessment from your local council. This assessment looks at the types of support, aids or home adaptions you might benefit from.

Finally, there are sections on looking after yourself, managing your condition, and planning for the future. To download or order the factsheet: Independent Age