Living With and Beyond Cancer – Survey

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Health, News, Survey

Do you have questions about living with and beyond cancer that you would like answered by research? Tell us your questions and help us to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Why we need your questions:

More and more people are living with the consequences of cancer and its treatment – what we have termed Living With and Beyond Cancer. A lot of research is looking for new cancer treatments, but there’s not enough research relevant to living with and beyond cancer. We are working on a project to change this. We would like to find out what the priority questions are for research that look at the impact of cancer as well as treatment (during and in the months and years after it has ended) and how to manage these.

Who we want to hear from: 

Please complete this survey if you live in the UK, and you

  • were first diagnosed with cancer as an adult (aged 16+), or
  • look after/have looked after someone who was first diagnosed as an adult, or
  • are a health or social care professional or a volunteer working with adults affected by cancer
What we are interested in:
We are looking for questions about how to live as well as possible after a cancer diagnosis: these might relate to communication, care, education, long-term effects, mental health, relationships, family, fertility, work, social life, life style, cancer coming back, side effects, well-being, finance, etc. You may have other examples not listed here. We are not, however, looking for questions about cancer treatment to extend life.