Joining Up Health and Social Care

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Health, News, Social Care

Across the country, health and social care want to work more closely together to provider better, more joined up services. Bringing these services closer together offers an opportunity to redesign them to meet the needs of all of us who use them and to make best use of the available resources in each area.

The good news for our county is that Buckinghamshire was selected last year to be one of the first eight areas in the country to set up an Integrated Care System following planning work by the County Council and the NHS.

This idea of closer working was first set out in a five-year plan for health and social care through to 2020 which called for better integration of GP, community health, mental health and hospital services, as well as more joined-up working with local government.

The new approach is intended to:

  • provide care closer to home to reduce the length of stay in hospital
  • enable GPs and mental health teams to work alongside hospital teams in A&E, and
  • streamline care for people with long-term conditions.

Buckinghamshire’s Integrated Care System (ICS)