How to protect yourself from the latest phone scam

by | Feb 22, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

Police are warning people about a new phone scam that is sweeping the US and UK.

It is thought that hackers are finding ways to access people’s bank, credit card, phone and utility accounts by simply obtaining recordings of their voices. The scam starts with the caller phoning and asking a simple question, such as: “Can you hear me?”. Many people would naturally answer ‘yes’ without thinking much of it, but this is enough information for the caller to gain access to your personal accounts. The recording of your voice could then be used as voice authorisation for bank or credit card confirmation, as the callers will also have your telephone number by this point – and it could be enough information to make fraudulent purchases, or access your finances.

Authorities are warning anyone who receives a phone call of this nature to hang up immediately.

Other questions that you may be asked are “Is this the homeowner?” or “Are you the bill payer?” to trick you into saying ‘yes’. Read the full article Closer