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Nine lifestyle changes can reduce dementia risk

One in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more people looked after their brain health throughout life, according to an international study in the Lancet. It lists nine key risk factors including lack of education, hearing loss, smoking and physical...

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Cognitive rehab therapy for early-stage dementia

Personalised therapy can help people in the early stages of dementia manage everyday tasks and stay independent, according to the findings from a large-scale trial. The trial, led by Exeter University, found cognitive rehabilitation therapy helped participants retain...

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What is dementia?

Alzheimer's and other dementia types affect more than 750,000 people in the UK, most of them older people. Here we explain the symptoms of dementia and why it's a good idea for your elderly relative or friend to see their GP if you're worried that they're suffering...

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Advocacy in mental health

The MIND Guide to Advocacy explains what advocacy is and how it can help you. It gives information on different types of advocacy, including statutory advocates, what sort of situations an advocate can help you with, and how to find an advocate. What is advocacy?...

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Is there a link between stress and dementia risk?

Many people wonder whether stress is linked to risk of dementia, and the news often reports a link between the two. This Stress Awareness Month, our Research team decided to examine the evidence behind stress and risk of dementia. What is stress? Stress occurs when...

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Information leaflets – Dementia UK

We are constantly updating our information leaflets, in answer to questions heard by the Admiral Nurses working on the Dementia Helpline and out in the field.  New topics will be coming shortly, but if you have a query about dementia not answered on these pages,...

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Psychiatric medication

Psychiatric medication includes all drugs which can be prescribed to treat different types of mental health problems, or to reduce the symptoms. Generally, psychiatric drugs can’t cure a mental health problem. But in some cases, they can help reduce the symptoms or...

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Coming off psychiatric drugs

Is coming off my medication right for me? You may take psychiatric drugs for a variety of conditions. You may only need them for relatively short periods, but your diagnosis and symptoms may mean that you are expected to take them for a long time – perhaps...

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Fall Prevention

A look at some factors in fall prevention It is estimated that the consequences of falls cost the NHS some £2 billion a year, and 4 million bed days. Between a third and half of people over 65 suffer a fall in any given year. Whilst many are minor, about a quarter...

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Summer News from Lindengate

So far 2017 has been the year of many seasons… We’ve had hail, we’ve had heat and we’ve had some strong blustery winds.  Lindengate, however, continues to grow and develop.  Colour, from both plants and craft projects, is appearing in all sorts of corners of the site…...

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This Alzheimer's Society service offers one-to-one support from a Memory Support Worker for individuals and their carers from their initial concerns about memory loss, through diagnosis, to planning for the future. For those with a diagnosis, support will focus on...

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Autism as an adult

'On the many days I spend alone I forget how to talk' I was diagnosed with autism in my 40s. I had no support, and spent a year weeping with regret for what felt like a train wreck of a life. I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in my 40s. Like many adults...

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Century-old Parkinson’s question answered

Scientists say they have found the first direct evidence that the immune system does attack the brain in Parkinson's disease. The role of "autoimmunity" was first suggested nearly a century ago, but had not been confirmed. The discovery, in the journal Nature,...

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A guide for carers of people with dementia

This online guide is for anyone who cares for someone with dementia. Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be an enormous shock, not only to the person with the diagnosis but also for their close relatives and friends. But it is important to remember that...

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Sources of support for families

People affected by dementia do not need to be alone. Whether you have a dementia diagnosis, or care for someone who has one, there are local services that can support you practically and emotionally. Your GP should be able to organise an assessment of the person with...

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Advance Decision (Living Will) pack

Compassion in Dying has launched a new Advance Decision pack. It allows people to record any treatments that they do not want to be given in the future, in case they later become unable to make or communicate decisions. It enables people to remain at the heart of...

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