Grief, loss and bereavement

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Carers, Dementia, Mental Health, News

When you are close to a person with dementia you may go through feelings of grief and loss. You can have these feelings at any time, from the time the person is diagnosed (or before), as their dementia progresses, or during or after the person’s death.

People with dementia may of course also experience grief that can start when they are diagnosed, or at any point while they’re living with the condition. Like anyone, people with dementia may grieve when someone close to them has died.

This information is for those who are close to a person with dementia, especially if you care for or support them. It suggests ways of coping with some of the difficult feelings you may have. It also offers advice on supporting a person with dementia to cope with their own grief and loss, and any bereavements they experience. Alzheimer’s Society