Financial planning in later life

by | May 15, 2017 | Finance, News

We all know that money can be a big headache for many people, especially those in later life, and those at or in retirement. Suddenly you have no job to go to, and with that your regular income changes dramatically. You have to try and survive on your pensions and investments; and for some people that can prove to be a day to day struggle.

Most people are reluctant to discuss money, either because they feel they don’t understand it, they are intimidated by it, or are simply just too embarrassed to talk about it.

However, not everyone is a financial genius, and talking about money with your friends and family can actually be beneficial. It can help you to get your finances in order, can give you a regular financial health check, can help you budget and therefore can help ease the stress and strain of dealing with your financial affairs. To find out where to start and more…Mature Times