Fibromyalgia – how I’ve learned to live in constant pain

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Health, News, Support

Alison Morton was 25 years old when she started experiencing pain in her muscles and joints. Doctors removed her gall bladder – but after symptoms didn’t improve, she was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a widespread condition that affects the musculoskeletal system. Four years on, it leaves her with “profound fatigue” and constant pain.

“When you get diagnosed, you think that there will be something that can be done,” she says. “But unfortunately there’s no cure.It literally takes over my body and I can’t control it. I’m just out of it.”

People with the illness say it feels like their muscles are pulled or overworked. Their muscles can twitch and burn. Find out how Alison copes with this invisible illness. BBC News