Fancy a cup of Coffee?

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Activities, News

Several Coffee Companion schemes have recently been launched across Buckinghamshire. Coffee Companions is a scheme which  helps to create contacts and build healthy communities. It is a relatively new idea and full details can be found on their website.
There are two cafes operating in Aylesbury, one in Bedgrove and the other in Buckingham Park. There are also two venues in Burnham, one in Marlow and one in Winslow. Further sites in Buckinghamshire are being planned during 2018. The cafes hold what is called a ‘Companion Hour’ one day a week (for 1-3 hours) to encourage conversations between people who would welcome a friendly chat but  need a bit of help making the first move. To help with this ‘coffee mats’ or ‘chat mats’ are used to indicate whether a person is happy to be
approached for a chat, or would prefer a bit of time to themselves on that occasion.

To check out Companion Hour days, times and locations of the five cafes in Buckinghamshire that are hosting the scheme go to Coffee Companions or for more detailed information contact