Don’t be a sucker!

by | Dec 12, 2016 | News, Safety at Home

What is a scam and how do you recognize one? Scams come in all shapes and sizes and here are three examples.

“You won’t believe it….but read this letter anyway which is worth its weight in gold”.

“In spite of her doubts, Mrs Bloggs requested the [offer] and became very rich shortly after”.

“Hurry….such an opportunity will probably never come around a second time and you would regret it for the rest of your life”.

Sadly, we live in an increasingly cynical world. How many of us have received telephone calls, emails, letters or doorstep calls – the four most common type of scams – offering fantastic special deals, super expectations and fabulously cheap offers which are too good to be true?

I suspect we all have and I also suspect that some of us have fallen for the ‘deal’ and we are just too proud to either admit it or tell anyone else about it AND THAT IS WHAT THE SCAMMERS RELY ON. It will never happen to me –I’m far too street savvy! I wouldn’t allow it! I would see straight through it! At my age, I’ve seen it all before.

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