Do you keep jewellery in the house?

by | Aug 21, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

Some top tips from Surrey Police about how to look after those valuable items of jewellery that are kept at your home. For particularly valuable jewellery, consider using a bank safety deposit box, but if you do want to keep it at home, consider obtaining a safe, and don’t forget to register it on an internet service that allows you to register your jewellery. .

Top Tips to keep your home and your jewellery safe:

  • Keep all jewellery and other valuables in a bank safety deposit box,
  • If you have to keep jewellery at home, invest in a home safe,
  • Install a house alarm and security lighting. Always make sure that doors and windows are locked and secure when you go out,
  • Use forensic marking to uniquely mark your jewellery. Visit secured by design for more information.

Surrey Police have a website designed to offer you advice on keeping your home safe and secure, and which can be found at this link.