Chesham Policing Priorities

by | Jul 11, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

The Chesham Neighbourhood team would like to invite you to join them, and partners, in a live web chat to discuss and agree where the team, partners and community should be focusing their efforts to tackle local issues. The online forum will be held on the Tuesday 11 July 2017 between 6.30pm and 8.30pm and can be accessed via Thames Valley Police Cover It Live.

Over the past few months the team have been collating information to inform this discussion.  This has included the review of Police and partnership data/information:-  From a rolling year’s review of crime in Chesham and villages, victimbased crime has fallen by 1.2%. Robbery, Burglary, Theft and Criminal Damage have all fallen, whilst Vehicle Theft and Violence against the Person have risen.

Analysis as to why particular crime types might rise, is a continuing process, but recent arrests indicate an influx of roaming thieves, from out of the immediate area. The circumstances of many of these thefts also suggests a degree of opportunism, with readily identifiable actions, which might have prevented the offence. Examining the details of the year’s violence offences, shows a significant number of domestic assaults where the victim is resistant to the police investigation, and/or unsupportive of prosecution.​​​​​​​

We have also been engaging and consulting with the community via a number of different means, including:

  • World Café event
  • Local Area Forum
  • Local Residents Associations
  • Chesham Town Council meeting
  • Consultation with local networks
  • Have Your Say meetings in Chesham town centre

This has been aimed at determining what matters most to our communities. A summary of the findings so far, have identified the below:

1. Speeding – Many residents and groups have cited the speed and manner of driving in Chesham, to be of significant concern to them. This was certainly the shared view of those at our World Café event in January, with a majority of attendees having the issue appear in their top three concerns.In assessing the scope of this problem, we have  used data recorded by Chesham Town Council’s MVAS (Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign). In recent months, the results indicate that the vast majority (approx. 85%) of measured traffic does not exceed the speed limit by over 6 MPH, on the roads where the device was positioned. Similarly, Bucks County Council records show that Chesham has suffered very few serious injury collisions in the past years, the last being two in 2015.

2. Parking – Local residents have expressed their frustration at the manner and density of parking within Chesham. We are told that this is partly due to the high levels of local car traders, who use residential roads to store their vehicles. This is partly borne-out by recent enforcement action by the DVLA, who have found high numbers of untaxed vehicles which are shown as in-trade, on Chesham streets.

3. Burglary – A year-to-year comparison of burglary offences in Chesham and villages shows a reduction from 136 to 101; a reduction of over 25%. However, we recognise the traumatising effect of a trespasser in one’s home, and it is understandable that local residents commonly wish to see this a focus of policing activity. Much like the themes identified with local vehicle theft, these are often preventable crimes, where offenders have identified a vulnerable premise.

The Online Community Forum will be independently chaired by Councillor Mark Shaw and have a panel of representatives, from local agencies. It will be aimed at discussing these and other issues, which require joined-up working, in the Chesham area, as well as providing advice on issues that can be resolved quickly. In tackling all issues the group are keen to identify those community members who are willing to form part of a problem solving group to both look at the root causes and the potential solutions to the issues identified.

If you wish to join the group on the July 11, you can arrange a reminder email, to access the forum on that day.  If you are unable to join the forum, and/or wish to work with police and partners to tackle local issues, please contact the Chesham neighbourhood team.