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This week is Carers Week and we highlight Carers Bucks and the work they do.

If you look after someone without payment, who because of old age, illness, disability, mental health or substance abuse can’t manage on their own, this means you are a “carer”.  It also means you are entitled to help and support.
You can request an assessment which is made to work out what would be helpful in your situation:
•The help needed by the person you care for
•The help you are giving at the moment
•The support and services which can be provided.
As a carer you are also entitled to a carer’s assessment of your own.  Find out more about support for carers on the Care Advice Bucks website. 

Carers Bucks
Carers Bucks is the local and independent charity which offers support to unpaid family carers in Buckinghamshire and provides:
•up to date information and advice
•support to find the help you need
•emotional support
•support to ensure your voice is heard
•learning and development to help you in a caring role
•links with other family carers through support groups
Visit the Carers Bucks website or call them direct on 0300 777 2722 to find out more. 

Spotlight on Carers’ Week at Carers Bucks
Who is a carer?  A carer is anyone who provides unpaid care for a family member or friend who cannot manage without them because they are ill or disabled, or frail because of old age.  There are 6.5 million carers in the UK (2011 census), 3 in 5 of us will be a carer at some point in our lives.  There are 49,514 adult carers in Buckinghamshire (2011 census). Carers save the UK economy £119 billion every year.
Carers Bucks provide support for carers including various specialist support groups such as for those affected by someone else’s drug & alcohol misuse – Support offered at the moment can be by telephone, face to face appointments in the Aylesbury and Wycombe office.  Jo and Jane are also facilitating the Mental Health and Substance Misuse Support Groups which happen in Aylesbury and Wycombe:
Aylesbury (Carers Bucks Office) last Monday of the month, 6pm – 8pm
Wycombe (Wycombe Mind offices) 3rd Tuesday of the month 12pm – 2pm
If you have any questions or wish to refer someone for this support, contact Jo via email;

There are many other support groups operating across the county, so be assured that help is available to you as a ‘Carer’ and sometimes all it takes is a call or an email to the right person. Carers Bucks can point you in the right direction and enable you access to that all important first response ‘help and support’
Carers Bucks have a number of events taking place during Carers Week to support those of you who are carers and this includes groups and events in the north and south of the county, so click on the link…..Carers Bucks