Care Home Costs & Fees – Everything you need to know

by | Aug 2, 2017 | News, Social Care

When it comes to finding out about care home costs, it can get very confusing!

Care home costs are something that you need to calculate carefully, particularly as the costs can be over £1,000 per week!! We have produced a calculator that will allow you to put in the area of the country where you live and use that to estimate how much you will spend on your care home fees over the short, medium and long term. Once you have done this, we would strongly recommend that you look at the different ways in which you can meet your care home fees.

This is the help you will find on this page:

  • The top 3 things that impact your care home costs
  • A calculator to help you work out your care home fees, no matter where in the UK you live
  • The top 12 questions you will have about your care home fees

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