Cancer researchers need phones to process data

by | May 1, 2018 | Health, News, Technology

man asleep by phone

A cancer research team hopes to build a network of more than 100,000 UK smartphones to help process data while their owners sleep.

Phone owners can get involved by downloading an app and donating some of their wi-fi or data plan. The handsets will need to be switched on and charged for six hours per night. The aim is that they will form a huge network that processes data about different drug combination, using an algorithm built by the team.

It would take over 100 years for a single desktop computer to process the amount of data involved, the researchers said. “Cancer research progress is slowed by a lack of access to supercomputing,” said Dr Kirill Veselkov, from the faculty of medicine at Imperial College. “It’s needed to complete analysis – but it’s limited and costly. This is a great example of a citizen science project – with members of the public directly involved.” BBC News