Can these five things really affect your dementia risk?

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Dementia, News

There are certain stories that seem to constantly float around claiming that various things can supposedly prevent, treat or cure dementia, but is there any truth in them? Here, we take you through the scientific evidence behind four of the most common claims and one that turned out to be downright silly.

Story one: coconut oil

Story two: turmeric

Story three: alcohol


Story four: cannabis

Story five: Marmite

Some good advice

There is a lot of dodgy information out there about how to reduce your risk of dementia, but there is some high-quality information too. When you see news stories claiming that something reduces your risk of dementia, look for the expert comments on the subject from Alzheimer’s Society and others to help put the findings in context.

Evidence currently suggests the best way to reduce your risk is to have a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, which can include things like drinking in moderation but also includes eating healthily, exercising and not smoking. Read the stories Alzheimer’s Society