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About the Business Directory


We are currently building a directory of local businesses, trades people and services. Although we are not able to recommend them, we will have taken up references before adding them to the directory. However, we can help you to get two or three quotes before you choose which to use.

Can you help us?

We currently have requests from clients for Cleaners, Domestic help and Gardeners. If you can help us with any suggestions please contact us.

How to use the Business Directory


The business directory contains businesses and groups that may be useful if you are looking for a particular service. We ask consumers for recommendations based on the service they have received from a supplier before we add the organisation into this list.

The entries are listed in categories, in some cases a business or organisation may be listed in several categories. The categories are listed in the section below. The number at the end of the title indicates how many businesses or organisations are listed in that category. If it says (0) then nothing is listed in here yet.

We have used several layers of categories. The following is a brief explanation of what they are.

  • Associations and Groups: Generally voluntary groups offering support and services to the community
  • Churches: Local churches and other religious groups offering support and services to the community
  • Transport: Local transportation companies, some not for profit, offering transportation services to the community
  • Businesses and Tradespeople: Local companies and sole traders offering generally paid services to the community
  • Local Government: Parish, District, Town and County Council contact details, and in some cases contacts within those entities for particular services.

Locating a Business or Service

Locate what you are looking for by clicking on one of the items in the list below, and if you cannot find it try a similar name if one exists. This will expand to show you what is listed there, if there is more than one click on the title to expand it further.

Entries generally contain a description of the services offered, the contact details of the person involved, and other useful information.

Searching the database

At the top of the Business directory there is a search box. You can enter some simple search terms into this box and it will search the directory and return with items that match your search criteria. Simply enter the information into the box provided where it says Find listings for <keywords> and then click on the Find Listings button.  The business directory also provides an advanced search which you can expand by clicking on the link under the Find Listings button.


The directory is a free service currently, entry into the directory is based on consumers making recommendations because they have received a good service from someone. Voices and Choices do not recommend any particular group and makes no warranty about a group’s fitness for purpose. The information is provided in good faith to assist the community. Anyone using the information provided in this section should take the same precautions as they would normally take when seeking a service from someone that they do not know.

Received a bad service?

If as a result of using this directory you are unsatisfied about the any aspect of the service providers ability to provide the service please let us know by sending a message through our contact us page.

Recommend someone?

If you have received a good service from someone and wish to recommend them please contact us and tell us who they are, what they do and why you recommend them. Please use our contact us page.



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