by | Jul 24, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

British Gas customers warned to beware of phishing email asking for personal details to ‘unlock’ online account. It’s the latest in online scams trying to take advantage of people.

The email asks the recipient to follow the links to update their data, warning that their details are out of date. But the email has been sent out to people who are not even customers of the energy and home services provider. The message reads: “In British Gas we take our customer’s security very seriously, we have strict security meausres to protect your person information. This includes following our security procedures (like checking your identity timely), encrypting all the data on our websites and confirm the validity for your registered details”. Please note: the spelling and grammar errors are in the email.

It then asks the recipients to follow a link that will allow them to update their details. Read the full article: The Sun