Aylesbury veteran soldier becomes scams champion

by | Oct 2, 2017 | News, Safety at Home

Barry Atkins

After being scammed out of almost £3,000 a few years back, an Aylesbury veteran solider has been championing the issue.

Barry Atkins (pictured) recently spoke at a House of Commons reception, in front of MPs and people from the finance and security industries. He was telling the story of how he was conned by a bogus Spanish lottery to more than 100 leading stakeholders at a House of Commons reception. It was hosted by Conor Burns MP, Bournemouth University and the National Trading Standards Scams Team, to combat cyber scams and financial fraud targeting vulnerable adults.

Barry, who now works closely with Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards, is a Mail Marshal with Friends Against Scams, scanning the post for scams. Read more Mix96