“Autism is an ability not a disability…it is a superpower”

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Mental Health, News

Children blog about living with autism

Nikita, Lorie and Mirie Shanks have written blogs for ITV News Central about what life is like living with autism. These are their views which they are sharing with us.

Nikita’s story:

Nikita wants people to understand the autism isn’t a huge disability.

Being Autistic doesn’t bother me but I don’t like to tell people as soon as I meet them in case they judge me on it, I prefer to wait until I know them a little better so they know me as ‘me’. I don’t really focus on the fact that I’m autistic, although there are times when I do something and wonder if it’s because of my autism, especially if it’s something I don’t see other people doing. I don’t remember being told that I was autistic, I just grew up knowing I was and talking about it to my mum. It really helped me to know because I could ask questions and understand myself better and work things out. I still find communication hard but I’ve learnt strategies that help me and I’m not afraid to ask now as I’ve become more confident. Sometimes people will use sayings that I haven’t heard before which I find really confusing, but people don’t mind explaining what they mean. My one wish would be for people to understand that autism isn’t the huge disability for most of us that people think it is and give us more opportunities to show our unique talents. Attitudes really do need to change!

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