Anxiety and depression in a person living with dementia

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Dementia, Mental Health, News

A person with dementia experiencing anxiety may pace up and down, fidget or become agitated. They might follow a person they live with around the house, seeking reassurance, and may want to go to a place they feel safe.

Someone who becomes depressed may experience disturbed sleep or sleep considerably more. They might become very withdrawn, stop eating or eat to excess, and may experience physical pain.

The person may become ‘apathetic’, where they seem to retreat into themselves and lose interest in everyone and everything.

As some of the behaviour described above can also be associated with dementia, anxiety and depression can sometimes be overlooked. Similarly, the early symptoms of dementia, for instance, poor concentration, change in appetite, sleep disturbance and change in mood and behaviour can sometimes be misdiagnosed as depression, especially in younger people, for example those of working age. Dementia UK