by | Dec 13, 2017 | News, Social Care, Support

What do you think is the UK’s biggest single cause of disability? Believe it or not, it is arthritis. It affects at least nine million people, and reinforces the point that most people become limited, rather than being born with a disability. It also proves it could be you, especially if you have led an active life: joints have therefore taken greater ‘punishment’ than if you’ve followed a more sedentary lifestyle.

All the main arthritis care charities recommend that key elements to coping with the disease in daily life are managing lifestyle, taking control, and adapting how we do things. That includes something we do on average eight times a day- going to the loo! That simple act requires balance, stability, flexibility of knees, shoulders, hands and body, just to undress, sit on the loo, tear off toilet tissue, wipe clean, re-assembly clothing, flush the WC. UK Care Guide