Action on Hearing Loss campaign, Subtitle It!, finds success

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Legal matters, News

Action on Hearing Loss has been campaigning for change.

The charity’s Subtitle It! campaign, launched in June 2015, has been calling on the Government to introduce measures to improve the accessibility of subtitles on video-on-demand content so that people with a hearing loss can ‘catch-up’ on TV and films how and when they want. There was no legal requirement previously to provide subtitles on catch up or video-on-demand services, which left three-quarters of on-demand programming inaccessible to the UK’s 7.5 million subtitle users, even if the programmes were subtitled when they were originally broadcast.

Subtitles are essential to ensure that 11 million people with hearing loss can access television. They enable people who are deaf or hard of hearing to stay abreast of the latest news, keep up with their favourite shows and share the twists and turns of a gripping drama with friends and family in a way that many take for granted.

The government has now made video-on-demand subtitling a legal requirement. The House of Lords approved a Government proposal to amend the Digital Economy Bill, giving new powers to the TV regulator, Ofcom, to compel video-on-demand broadcasters to provide subtitles. To read the full article Independent Living