6 Tiny Steps to a Happier You Right Now

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Mental Health, News

Tip 1 – 3 Good Things a Day

Various studies have made positive links between focussing on gratitude and general well being. Some days it’s easy to think of 3 things you’re grateful for and some days it can feel really hard. The hard days are the ones where this practice is most valuable – the days when you really have to look for tiny diamonds among the rough. If you think you might forget to do this each day, you may find an app like this one​ helpful to nudge you to take usually less than a minute each day, to do this very beneficial exercise.

Tip 2 – Being Nice Makes you Happier

Tip 3 – Music Can Lift your Mood

Tip 4 – Feed Your Mind​

Tip 5 – Your Body & Mind are Connected

Tip 6 – Everybody Needs a Helping Hand Sometimes ​

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